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5 Ways Business Continuity Improves Your Business’s Profitability

Thursday, May 19th
12PM MT | 2PM ET | 11AM PT

How can you ensure your business can keep running after an unplanned event, ranging from something minor to a disaster?

That’s why having business continuity in place should be a priority, not just because it’s best practice but because it’s good for your bottom line* as well.

Find out why business continuity is not ‘the cloud’, why business continuity is more than a backup, and to learn about business continuity vs. data backup, watch this 2 minute video.

Join our partner Datto and disaster recovery expert, Donna Childs, for a free webinar, 5 Ways Business Continuity Improves Your Business’s Profitability*.

You will learn:

  • Why business continuity puts money back into your pocket
  • How to reduce costs through business continuity
  • Effective strategies to increase revenues through continuity measures
  • And more…

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Thursday, May 19th

12PM MT | 11AM PT | 2PM ET



Disaster Recovery Expert - Donna R. Childs

Donna R. Childs
Author & Founder
Prisere LLC



Saad Alam
Partner Marketing Manager
Datto, Inc.


We look forward to seeing you there.

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