User Features & Access
Accessibility, Synchronization, and Sharing

Datto Drive increases your productivity with File Sync & Sharing built for business. Today’s mobile workforce needs fast access to data wherever it resides. This data has to be highly secure, yet easily shareable with others.

Be productive from any device

With Datto Drive, users can access company files on any device, anytime, from anywhere – all completely managed, secured and controlled by IT. Documents can be shared with people inside and outside your company without having to send files via email. Whether files reside on a desktop, laptop or mobile device, whether located in company servers or cloud-based storage systems, Datto Drive enables users to access, move and share this information easily and securely.

Datto Drive provides file access from Windows, Apple OSX and Linux devices, as well as Apple and Android mobile devices. We enable your employees to easily combine Datto Drive storage with existing storage systems such as Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, Windows network drives, FTP Servers, even Amazon S3 into a single pane of glass view. Data is stored in a single location, yet IT is able to manage proprietary information and business risk; leveraging existing data management, security and governance tools and processes. See Integration and consolidation.

Stay in Sync

Datto Drive synchronization keeps the web, desktop and mobile device on the same page, ensuring team members have the latest versions of files. Local Sync allows access and edits to your cloud-based data, allowing you to work while offline. The selection of a local sync location, such as local SD card, enables local storage performance with cloud-based sharing benefits. Synchronization also increases data protection for laptops, servers, and even mobile devices because the Datto Drive app can automatically sync data on these devices to the Datto Cloud.

Datto Drive Sync Clients are available for Windows, Apple OSX, and Linux laptops and servers. Datto Drive offers a rich selection of configuration options including Selective Folder Synchronization, Synchronization Thresholds (so local servers do not run out of space by surprise), Bandwidth Throttling, and Multiple user account support for sync clients (unmatched by consumer grade FSS).

Datto Drive allows easy sharing of files from any device, either by individual or by group. Users can share data with people outside of their organization, without requiring recipients to register. With features such as password protection, link expiration, anonymous and full access sharing, files are managed and administrators can easily audit file sharing activities. You can grant permissions to view and edit on shared documents so you stay in control and avoid multiple versions and file merging. See Administration and monitoring.
Automatic safeguards against human error

The number one reason for data loss is human error. Datto Drive provides critical safeguards that help protect your business, starting with background synchronization of data on laptops, desktops, servers and mobile devices. All files uploaded will be automatically versioned, and available for easy and instantaneous item-level rollback. All files in Datto Drive, including contents available for recovery, are protected on the Datto cloud (see Data protection, security, & compliance) against disaster and any loss of data integrity.

If there is ever an accidental overwrite or file deletion, Datto Drive users can recover their lost data on their own terms without contacting a support line. If your business demands additional data protection, upgrade to Datto Drive Premium editions. With Geo Redundancy, a copy of deleted files is kept in two separate Datto cloud locations (both within your desired geography).

Common utilities
Datto Drive also includes the ability to view and organize digital assets within the Datto cloud. It includes a PDF viewer to read and search PDF documents, allowing you to preview on the web without extra software and associated licensing costs. Images can be previewed, and even sorted using the Image Gallery in a way that can be shared with others. Users can view video files online, which can be further enhanced using browser configurations that support video streaming.

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